Seascape Consulting, Inc.
Expert software consulting services

Who We Are

Seascape Consulting was founded in 1997 to provide consulting and contracting services in computer software development, usability engineering practices, and user experience design. Our goal is to work closely with our clients to create successful products that exceed the expectations and requirements of our clients' customers.

At Seascape Consulting, we have extensive experience in all phases of the development cycle. We pride ourselves on using the best practices from our fields, including adherence to a strong analysis and design approach.

Roger Vaughn, President

Roger has been developing robust enterprise software for over 18 years. His expertise as a software engineer includes a range of development methodologies, languages, and platforms. Roger has also led development teams.

Karen Bachmann, Consultant

Karen has 12 years of experience creating a better user experience for software products. She designs and delivers products that achieve the productivity goals of clients and that provide a high level of satisfaction for users. She has been responsible for usability tasks throughout the project development life cycle, including developing user requirements, designing all aspects of the user interface, conducting usability validation, and creating user-oriented technical documentation. Karen regularly presents on usability and technical communication to local professional organizations and at international conferences.

Our Philosophy

We believe that the solution should fit the problem.

At Seascape Consulting, we have no allegiance to any particular programming tools, languages, or vendors. We recognize that each of our clients has unique goals and processes for achieving those goals. We evaluate each problem on its own merits, and to choose the solution - or system of solutions - that best addresses that problem. We can help you to better understand the needs of your particular situation and help you choose the best answer.

We believe in producing the best quality product possible.

We realize that an effective product must successfully and efficiently address the problems it is intended to solve. Drawing from widely recognized best practices and industry standards, we develop a customized approach that evaluates our clients' goals. We ensure that we consider all angles of your problem before attempting to answer it. Whatever the particular needs of your project, we strive to produce an end product that consistently and effectively meets your definition of quality.

We believe in education and knowledge transfer.

We believe in supporting our clients' efforts in not only the engagements we directly participate in, but also in future projects that incorporate our work. Providing you detailed insight into the process, tasks, and deliverables we create for you allows you to capitalize on the efforts for future projects.

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